Published in 2013

La Chasse aux Lutins


The french canadian publisher Le Scorpion Masqué ( made a fantastic work in this game. There is a really nice artwork by Fabrice Boulanger (


Check some images from the game and a video here:


How many elfs will you find?!

My first idea was to design a game focused in perception and speed. Additionaly, I wanted a game which could be played by players of every age. So I have decided to base my attention in a game I invented and used to play with my sister when I was about 14 (hidden objects mechanic). But this time I was able to find a simple and intuitive way of playing.


I think I have also found a good thematic which gives it an enjoyable gameplay, erradicating the feeling of "abstractness" and "emptiness". Hopefully I've also found a publisher! I will tell you more soon =).


Below you can check some of the images I've used for my own prototype: