A little bit about me

My name is Alexandre Garcia and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I was born in Clermont-Ferrand (France) in 1978 but I am living in Portugal since 11 years old. At the age of 10 my first attempt of designing a game has seen the daylight. It was a simple reinterpretation of Risk. Since then, the passion for game design makes part of my daily routine.


I have started many projects until the age of 19. However, none of them were efficient and balanced. I needed some more years and experience to design the first prototype that could be affordable by the game market. I always start a game by its mechanics, that must be intuitive and fun. The majority of my games are designed for a general public (family games and gateway games). However, some of them are conceived for players who are not in their first contact with modern games.


Since December 2013 I'm working on game developpment at Libellud (France). It's a dreamwork and a dreamteam! :)


In this site I intent to talk about and present my finished projects only. If you are a visitor just passing through please receive my compliments and I hope you to enjoy your visit around Play-it. If you are a publisher I hope you take a carefull look at my portfolio, valuating more the potential of my ideas and the mechanics which support them than the design or the themes.